Ferry Bluff State Natural Area

Today: After a hard overnight rain, the skies were clear this morning.  The temperature was back in the 60’s.  It would have been a good day to get out the chain saw and get some work done on my own property, but days like today are meant for hiking.

Ferry Bluff is located a few miles west of Sauk City, WI.  The ferry operated during the late 1800’s and transported people, property and livestock. According to the informational sign, Moses and Perses Laws pulled the ferry back and forth with a rowboat and a tow line. Continue reading

Indian Lake to Lake Wisconsin

October 2, 2017:  This morning, I started the day with a cup of Brazilian Morgiana 17/18, Lot 428, home roasted to full city (a few snaps into second crack).

I had errands to run at Costco in Middleton, so I took a slight detour and headed to Indian Lake County Park, located in the northwest corner of Dane County.  According to the calendar, fall has started, but the weather was pure summer with temps hitting 80. Continue reading