Choosing the Path Less Traveled


February weather in Wisconsin doesn’t get any better than this.  Temperatures in the mid 50’s F.  Blue sky and sun.  Should I go for a hike today or get back to my wood splitting pile?  As I was contemplating  plans for the day, my wife Julia told me to look out the window to see the latest development.


Someone’s gray SUV got lost in the dark last night and plunged into the gully in front of my house. Even more interesting, the vehicle was running and still in drive–the front wheels spinning deeper and deeper into the mud without going anywhere.  Finally, someone was still behind the steering wheel, slumped over and sleeping.  This is not something that I see everyday in my quiet little part of Wisconsin (see normal first photo).


I called local law enforcement, who arrived a short time later.  The driver was awakened and asked to put the vehicle in park.  Details of the how and why were relayed to me, but I will refrain from full disclosure to protect the embarrassed.  No one was injured. Being Wisconsin, alcohol was involved.