The Alchemist and Daily Living

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelhois was recommended by a couple of vagabond travelers that I follow on YouTube (Finding Simon and Chris from Chris and G Travels). They both liked it; Chris described the book as life-changing. When I checked for copies at the local library, I discovered an audio version that my son and I could listen to together. We finished it today.

While I wouldn’t say that the book changed my life, we both enjoyed it.  For me, the book makes a strong argument that the most important part of daily living is to follow your dreams, and that everyone has a different dream. Importantly, failing is sometimes part of following one’s dream. Until we have failed and grow/learn from failing, we can’t take the next step.

Today, I rose early and took a few moments to admire the sunrise from my front yard. After getting Justin ready for school, taking him swimming, and sending him off to class, I headed down to Madison for my haircut. I’ve had a lot of barbers over the years, but my current one is my favorite.  There isn’t a lot of hair left for him to cut, but he does a good job with what there is to work with.  I enjoy hearing his stories; and he seems to enjoy hearing mine.

Because I arrived early, there was an opportunity to take a short hike.  I sprinted across four lanes of morning traffic, as only a man in his 50’s can do, and then sauntered over to a park along Lake Mendota.

Mid-March, yet no ice is on the lake.  On the other hand, no one was hanging out on the beach yet with temps in the 40’s.

Later, I went to my son’s spring music concert.  Justin is no longer able to walk or stand due to advancing muscular dystrophy.  His “normal” is very different from the “normal” for most people. Having said that, he does a lot with what he has.

This morning, he swam.  Tonight, he sang.

We all have dreams to follow.  We may not all realize our dreams, but there is no hope unless we try.

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