Our Egg

The plan all along was to buy a new fiberglass trailer.  One of the issues has always been that doing so requires picking it up at the manufacturer’s location (Canada, South Carolina, northwestern Minnesota).  On the other hand, used fiberglass trailers are very expensive and sell very quickly.  For late models, people are selling for the  price of a new one because waiting lists for new ones are currently nine months or longer.

When a 2001 Scamp 16 came up for sale near Appleton, WI at a reasonable price, I jumped all over it.  The seller received other offers, but I was the first to show up at his door. I towed it home yesterday, and it is safely tucked away, waiting for its next adventure.  Even new fiberglass trailers end up needing some work, and this fifteen year old trailer will be no exception.  I was able to confirm that the refrigerator and air conditioner work, but I will need to de-winterize it and test some of the other mechanical systems.

We plan to replace the carpet with vinyl flooring, add solar, and repair a door seal that seemed to let water in on the way home (it was storming). I’m sure other issues may come up, but that’s part of the journey.

One thought on “Our Egg

  1. What! I never know what I’ll see when I open your journal. Surprise to me. Happy for you. Looks very nice John. Congrats. Plenty of toys to keep you busy,fun!

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