Kohler-Andrae State Park: Days Two and Three

Day Two: We woke up early, brewed coffee, ate breakfast, and were on the trail before the dew dried.  Specifically, we hiked from our campsite to the Sanderling Nature Center.

Intricate, amazing spider webs were everywhere along the trail, glistening in the early sun and dew. We also saw multiple adult deer and fawns.  There’s just something about hiking early in the morning with no one around that brings peace and joy to my soul.

Later in the morning, Julia did some wading, while I found a picnic table under a shady tree.   You’ll notice my new hat, picked up at 3 Sheeps Brewing in Sheboygan.



3 Sheeps has a cavernous warehouse tasting room with picnic table spread out over the concrete floor and overhead doors opened up for air circulation.  I tasted several sours, which pushed my limits (not a bad thing).  The bartender was informative, and the tasting room was unique.

Later that day, we enjoyed Mexican food on the second floor deck at El Camino Mexican Restaurant in Sheboygan.

We started a campfire early that evening, but were eventually chased in by rain showers.

Day Three:  Our plans for this day were to pack, hitch up, and tow the Brew Hut to a county park along Lake Winnebago.  However, as we drove within a mile of Calumet County Campground, the cell phone rang.  I could only hear Julia’s side of the conversation:  “What, he did what, what, how bad is it?  what?”

The short story is that our son Justin injured his ribs during a transfer at the disability leadership conference.  He needed medical attention that day, which required us to tow back home and take Justin to urgent care in Madison.  Everything checked out (bruised ribs requiring rest), but it was a good reminder that plans are to be made in Jello, not concrete.