Living in the Moment

I experienced a twinge of sadness when putting the Brew Hut away for the winter yesterday.  Today greeted me with cold, wet and darkness.  While I have some big plans for the Brew Hut next summer and fall, I will need to work at  not becoming complacent, fat and lazy as we enter the gray zone of late October and November.  Julia leaves on her trip to Shanghai, China today. I may have been feeling a little sorry for myself, tending to the home fires and Justin.

Hiking is a great way to shake off the doldrums.  The first step was getting off my butt.  By 11 a.m, I was driving the short distance to Gibraltar Rock Natural Area, one of my go-to-makes-me-happy hikes. Although it rained last night, the trail was in decent shape with a bed of leaves to absorb the needed precipitation.

By the time I looped down to the east parking lot and then back up the old “road” to the top, the sun was shining and the day was looking better.





2 thoughts on “Living in the Moment

  1. Ahh yes. I remember the winter blaa’s well. But moving didn’t get me away from them, it only changed the dates. Here in central Texas we have the summer blaa’s. Same thing, different temperature.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Greg.

      The worst part of the year for me is coming up. The gray days of mid-November. Gun hunting for deer takes over the woods, and I have to hike in-town. I’m not opposed to others who hunt and even enjoy venison, but errant bullets keep me from hiking until December.

      Once snow falls and the main hunting season ends, I’ll have some snowshoeing posts.

      Greg has an excellent blog, and readers can reach it at

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