Lexington Brews and Baby Bourbon

We spent most of last week in Lexington, Kentucky celebrating Thanksgiving with Julia’s sister and family.  The trip involved a lot of driving, eating, watching movies, and socializing.   It’s always fun for our kids to get together.  This was the first year that someone was missing (our daughter Allie who is studying in China).  Next year, Zach will be the only one still in high school.  Anna and Justin head for college.

I managed to get in a few miles of walking each day–often back and forth to Hartland Park, which has an interesting set of blacktop switchbacks enabling local subdivision residents to get in some pedestrian exercise.

On Friday, my brothers-in-law and i headed to West Sixth Brewing, where we sampled  excellent beer.  I had an East Coast Juicy IPA and a special IPA from Firkin Thursday.

After finishing our beers, we walked outside and around the back to Bluegrass Distillers, established in 2015.  We all signed up for the tour and tasting. 

Because this distillery has been around for only a short time, it seems unfair to compare their young bourbon to aged bourbon from other Kentucky distilleries that I have tried.  Also, my tasting expertise is focused more on beer than bourbon. With that caveat, I thought that the rye was quite nice despite the lack of aging.  I didn’t particularly care for the bourbon.  It seemed pretty harsh to me, but I’ll have to come back in a few years for a fair test.

The distillery employed a technique that I hadn’t heard of before to speed up the aging process.  The bourbon was aged in smaller 25 gallon barrels with a deep char.

After an afternoon of fun, I was ready to head home for a nap. The trip home on Sunday was uneventful except for some stop and go traffic due to crashes.  Just south of Madison, we almost ended up in a crash when someone lost a ladder and dropped it in the middle of the driving lane next to us in heavy traffic, creating a scurry amongst vehicles trying to avoid it.  Thankfully, we made it home safely.

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