Snowshoe Time

We’ve had a mostly brown winter–very little snow.   Today, Wisconsin’s normal winter returned with a fresh coat of several inches of snow, along with cold temperatures.  My wife Julia and I celebrated by taking a quick snowshoe walk around the marsh.  Brisk, but refreshing.The last time I went snowshoeing on the marsh was a couple of weeks ago when my daughter was home.  Unfortunately, while we were on this same trail, Allie lost her iPhone, which was purchased from summer work savings.  Allie and I walked up and down the trail several times, hoping to find it on top of the snow.  Later, Julia returned with a rake and went through about a half mile of trail, raking the snow without any luck.  A day after Allie returned to college, we got a call from Madison from a very honest stranger who found Allie’s phone on a day that the snow had partially melted. Rejecting any reward, he told us that he only hoped that if his own phone was lost someday, that someone would treat him with a similar kindness in returning the phone.

John Prine wrote a song called, “Some humans ain’t human.”  I can’t argue with that.  But, thankfully, good people help balance that out.

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