Antigo Lake Campground: Base Camp

Day One:  This is likely my last summer trip this year with the Brew Hut. School for Justin starts next week.   I have a family weekend pass and used it to tow up to Antigo Lake Campground, which is a very reasonably priced ($20/night) municipal campground northeast of Wausau, Wisconsin.  Continue reading

Kohler-Andrae State Park: Days Two and Three

Day Two: We woke up early, brewed coffee, ate breakfast, and were on the trail before the dew dried.  Specifically, we hiked from our campsite to the Sanderling Nature Center.

Intricate, amazing spider webs were everywhere along the trail, glistening in the early sun and dew. We also saw multiple adult deer and fawns.  There’s just something about hiking early in the morning with no one around that brings peace and joy to my soul. Continue reading

Kohler-Andrae State Park: A Short Trip to Wisconsin’s East Coast

Earlier this summer, my son was scheduled to take part in a Disability Leadership retreat at a local college for a five-day stay.   Someone new to his personal care was going to help Justin during the week, so we were hesitant to leave on our own adventure until a successful overnight had passed.  I spent Sunday afternoon getting the Brew Hut ready for travel for what we hoped would be our first extended trip. Continue reading