Coffee Grinders and Travel

There are a number of fundamental truths about coffee.  One is “garbage in, garbage out.”  If  you start with crappy beans, it won’t matter how freshly roasted the beans are, nor will it matter what type of grinder is used.   Similarly, if you start with stale beans, grinding the beans doesn’t create fresh ground coffee. Continue reading

Test Drive

Yesterday, I hitched up the Scamp and drove 45 minutes to Astico County Park, a county park and campground in Dodge County, Wisconsin.   Many years ago, I served as a law clerk for Dodge County.  One of the judges liked to take me out for lunch every week or so.  One time we passed a wayside off Hwy 60, and the judge mentioned to me that there was a nice county park and campground across the Crawfish River from the wayside.

Twenty years later, I took him up on his recommendation.  The campground wasn’t far away, offered electric services, riverside camping, and reasonable fees at $27/night (including reservation fee).  While most of the nearby state parks were booked up, only about a third of the sites were occupied last night at Astico.   Here was the view of the Crawfish River from inside my Scamp. Continue reading